All Solutions For Fonts Identification

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1. Identify fonts from print (from any picture)

1. Identify fonts from print (from any picture)

Many times, we need to identify fonts from a given picture. Maybe we need the font for us, or our customer shows us (Hey, I just found this awesome font, please use it. Here is a screenshot of it.) that he wants a specific font for his website or project (marketing materials, landing page, website design, or whatever else).

2. Inspect fonts in web pages — Browser extensions

Browser extensions for font identification are the best to use whenever you want to identify fonts from websites.


3. Different methods which are more or less efficient

Ok, so we have apps to identify fonts from pictures and apps to identify fonts directly from websites. Both are efficient and great to use in specific situations.


The article was created with the idea to be the most complete and updated resource on font identification. I made tons of tests and tried the apps from all directions, each one being tested 5–10 times with different websites and pictures.



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